Friday, January 19, 2007

Toy Shock and Awe

Installation Work from 2006 to Present.
Category: Installation Art and Photography

Most of the toy soldiers have been deployed in Kansas City and Wichita, and received interesting responses. The plastic toy soldiers get noticed an then left to lie around for a bit... Then they are swept up and thrown away or recycled. Some of the piles that are in non-obtrusive areas are still in the same piles that they were placed in. So this makes it kind of fun to see where and how long the soldiers will last when deployed in an urban environment.

Some of the piles are closely examined or toyed with in looking for an explanation of why this pile of discarded soldiers are around their path of travel.

In some instances the piles become camouflaged because the supports of the soldiers are torn off and they are left to cling to each other. The piles appear as green masses like green vegetation in a dead urban landscape.

(The pile in the photo with the red car has been run over recently by a truck driver with poor driving skills. A re-deployment may have to happen to replace the troops with Post Truck Stress Disorder.)

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