Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Units of Measure

The word troop in the cavalry is a unit of measure...
This is sort of how it looks in the unit breakdown.

This is one soldier. A single unit, not troop.

This is a small section... maybe a detachment of a rank of unit measure. This could be the units that operate two M1 Abrams tanks. (Two drivers, and two gunners... )

This is a series of sections called ranks that form a unit called a platoon. The soldier that centers himself on the front of the platoon unit is called the platoon sergeant and the rear is platoon lieutenant.

I had to make more room in this photo because a troop is a large unit of measure that usually has 100 soldier or more, or 4 to 6 platoons. The soldier out front is first sergeant and rear is the Captain. The first sergeant to call attention or address the troop will then yell out the word troop because it is a troop sized element. My troop was Comanche Troop which meant that it was third in alphabetical order on a squadron sized unit. (Which is about 4-6 troops/or 1000 soldiers.)

I think that this type of example has been done before, but there is still snow on the ground so I have just been prepping my soldiers for their next wave of attacks. I would install them out in the snow, but I am not wanting the Winter Soldier referrence.

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